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The UNION of Entrepreneurs of TURKMENISTAN - Public Association (the noncommercial organization), created at 1-st Congress of Businessmen on the basis of the Law of Turkmenistan " About Public Associations " and registered by the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan Ή 0101 from 03.08.1993 year. Since 1994 the Union of Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan is a constant member of the International congress of industrialists and businessmen. Chairman EUT now is Sopyew Kakabay.


The basic purposes of activity of the Union of Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan

 Creation of the small for steady activity small and average enterprises by perfection of normative-legal base, development of an infrastructure of support, development of new forms and mechanisms of financial support of small business.

Problems: Overcoming of administrative barriers, the maximal legalization of activity of small and average Business, acceleration of development of new credit-investment mechanisms, creation of the regional centers of support of Business, development of the international cooperation and export orientation of small enterprises, strengthening of the social status, increase of prestige of Businessmen.

 The nearest 3 years the concept of development and the organization of activity of the Union of Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan which includes the following actions is developed and authorized:

 - Development of offers in Medjilis of Turkmenistan on creation of the Program of the State support of small and average Business in Turkmenistan;

  - the Organization and carrying out of regular sessions of a round table on problems of development of Enterprise activity in Turkmenistan;

  - Development and the conclusion of the Cooperation agreement in the field of support and developments of Enterprise activity with state and public organizations of Turkmenistan (the Ministry of Economics and the Finance of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan, the State committee under investments at the Cabinet of Turkmenistan, National institute of forecasting and statistics, the National center of trade unions of Turkmenistan, etc.);

  - the Organization and carrying out of meetings with Businessmen on the countries CIS and far abroad for an opportunity of investments into economy of Turkmenistan;

  - the Organization and developments of activity Ashgabat business  incubator and many other things.


The basic results of activity of the organization, its achievement for last 1-2 years

  The Union of businessmen of Turkmenistan accepted active participation in development of acts of Turkmenistan on enterprise activity, repeatedly submitted offers in Medjilis of Turkmenistan.

 Now EUT some offers to address of the Government of the country on prospect of development and support of business have submitted. The basic offer " the State support in expansion of manufacture of the goods and services by public sector of economy for the period 2002-2005 years. "

EUT is working on project  " Support of business business " which is broken into stages 2002-2005 and 2005-2010, a basis of the project - development of free economic zones of Turkmenistan works above the project.

 There is a preparation of the organization of a meeting of businessmen of Turkmenistan with the foreign partners, similar associations of businessmen, industrialists in 2004.

EUT intensively searches for domestic and foreign businessmen, potential investors in  Turkmenistan’s economy.  

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